Reduce Pre-Roll Touch Points​

Lessen Contamination

Promote Freshness

As an essential service in communities across the USA, we all share in the responsibility and must make it our top priority to help keep our customers, teammates and families safe. Due to our “ALL IN ONE” patent pending design, the UTEKTIK AutoRoller will greatly reduce the number of human touch points required to produce top quality pre-rolls.

Safer   |   Cost Effective   |   Higher Quality

Our Patent Pending platform was uniquely designed to meet the demands of the growing pre-roll market and can produce an unlimited number of high quality pre-rolled cones, at speeds faster than any other small-scale manufacturing method.


It’s exceptionally important for cultivators and retailers to be able to keep expenses down and profits up! Grinders. Shake Boxes. Vibration Machines. Labor. Outsourcing. Gone! The UTEKTIK AUTOROLLER™ eliminates all of it through one, easy to use system.


Pre-Roll sales have skyrocketed in every licensed state but, without an automation solution available recognizing larger profits has been out of reach for cannabis entrepreneurs. The UTEKTIK AUTOROLLER™ is the game changer you’ve been waiting for.

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The UTEKTIK AUTOROLLER™ is a first of its kind, automated pre-roll processing system. Designed specifically to address the rising equipment and labor costs associated with pre-rolls by combining the process of grinding, filling, tamping and twisting into one, easy to operate tabletop unit.


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