EZJ AutoRoller automated pre-role solution unveiled at Las Vegas BizCon 2019

Phoenix, AZ, USA, January 17, 2020

EZJ AutoRoller Inc, the Scottsdale, AZ based company, participated in its first Marijuana Business Conference and Cannabis Expo, MJBizCon Las Vegas 2019 and made a huge splash.   The event drew more than 35,000 attendees, many stopping by the company booth to witness the fully automated system that produces up to 500 pre-rolled marijuana joint an hour.  

“It was an overwhelming acceptance and success to the introduction of our product,” said Jack Leadbeater, Chairman and CEO of EZJ AutoRoller.  Visitors to the show had the chance to see the machine in action grinding, sifting, filling, tamping, twisting pre-roll cigarettes, ready for retail!  The EZJ AutoRoller system requires only a single operator to load trays, which ultimately improves facility profitability.”  The EZJ AutoRoller will allow dispensaries, growers, and hemp companies to increase production while reducing costs.  Consumers will ultimately benefit.  

Leadbeater points out that cannabis dispensaries can only produce about 700-900 joints per day compared to EZJ’s 4,000 per day.  “I can’t tell you how many people at the show approached me asking when they can get one.  Finally, someone with a great solution.”

Interview opportunities with chairman and CEO, Jack Leadbeater, are limited. 

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ABOUT EZJ AUTOROLLER, INC:  The EZJ AUTOROLLER™ is a first of its kind, automated pre-roll processing system.  Designed specifically to address the rising equipment and labor costs associated with pre-rolls by combining the process of grinding, sifting, filling, tamping and twisting into one, easy to operate tabletop unit.   

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