Scottsdale-based, EZJ AutoRoller Inc. will now be known as UtekTik

(Scottsdale,AZ) UtekTik, a unique name bringing high-tech versatility to the Cannabis game.

Scottsdale-based, EZJ AutoRoller, is making the name change as it dramatically increases its reach within the industry.  “Due to our expanding product lines, EZJ AutoRoller Inc. is now known as UtekTik,” said Jack Leadbeater.  The Chairman and CEO says the mission to make rolling easier and more cost effective remains the same.   The UtekTik name change comes on the heels of this year’s Arizona Cannabis Expo held on February 13th and February 14th, 2020.

It marked the third time the company has participated in such an event allowing more people to witness the revolutionary technology in action. “It’s good to showcase a game changer of this magnitude in your hometown. People who stopped by our booth had very strong and positive reactions to our incredible invention.” The company currently has pre-order sales for at least 50 machines.

The EZJ AutoRoller has captured national and international attention since its launch in late 2019. The oversized looking coffee machine grinds, sifts, fills, weighs, tamps, shakes, twists and produces up to four-thousand cannabis cigarettes in one day. The current manual methods can typically only produce up to 900 cigarettes in a day.

“Our automated pre-roll cones process is key to mass production,” said Leadbeater.   “Entire teams of grow facility employees whose single purpose is to roll marijuana cigarettes can now be re-purposed.  This should result in larger savings for these companies and their customers.  Cost efficiency, product quality and limited touch points are all hallmarks of the UtekTik process.”

UtekTik currently has five employees working in its operation.  An additional 10 employees are expected to be hired in 2020 including sales representatives, administrators, customer service and manufacturing workers, as well as others.   

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ABOUT UTEKTIK:  UtekTik is the first of its kind, automated pre-roll processing system.  Designed specifically to address the rising equipment and labor costs associated with pre-rolls by combining the processes of grinding, sifting, filling, weighing, tamping, shaking, shaking and twisting into one, easy to operate tabletop unit.   

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