Scottsdale-based, UtekTik, Inc. announced the hiring of Heather Szymura

(Scottsdale, AZ) UtekTik, Inc. is leading the way of creating cost savings automation for the Cannabis and Hemp Industry

Scottsdale-based, UtekTik, first debuted the UTEK AutoRoller in Dec 2019 at the MJ Biz Con Expo in Las Vegas and caught the attention of thousands of business owners and managers in the cannabis and hemps industries. Since that time the phones have not stopped ringing and emails are overwhelming as the demand for the UTEK AutoRoller continues to grow. With this unprecedented growth and the need to meet the customer’s needs, UtekTik is excited to announce the recent expansion of its sales team, Mrs. Heather Szymura.

With over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing with global giants like UPS, Heather understands the value that a professional sales representative can provide her customers. Linking that knowledge to the decades of experience she has in the cannabis and hemp industries, specifically with advance systems for creating the perfect growing environment, she understands the importance of automation and reducing human touch points

“UtekTik is always looking for ways to provide our customers with the best service,” UtekTik’s Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Jim Palasota said. “By expanding our sales team with industry professional like Heather, we’ll be able to work closely with our customers to discover opportunities where we can be part of their growth.  But most importantly, we’ll be able to respond to their needs more quickly to ensure our current and future products exceed their expectations.”

The UTEK AutoRoller continues to capture national and international attention from business owners and managers alike. The table-top size machine does all 7 steps needed to create a pre-roll – grinds, sifts, fills, weighs, shakes, tamps, twists and produces up to four-thousand cannabis pre roll cigarettes in one day with 1-person working an 8-hour shift. The current antiquated manual methods, takes a minimum of 4 people to produce approximately 800 or 900 pre roll cigarettes in an 8-hour day.

UtekTik currently has seven employees working in its operation.  An additional 10 employees are expected to be hired in 2020 including sales representatives, administrators, customer service and manufacturing workers, as well as others.   

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ABOUT UTEKTIK:  UtekTik is the first of its kind, automated pre-roll processing system.  Designed specifically to address the rising equipment and labor costs associated with pre-rolls by combining the processes of grinding, sifting, filling, weighing, tamping, shaking, shaking and twisting into one, easy to operate tabletop unit.  

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